Shoebox Media - perfect for any occasion!

How many of us take hundreds of photographs, shoot hours of video footage and then consign it to a box that gathers dust in the cupboard? If that sounds like you then we can help!

At Shoebox Media, we help preserve family memories through personal movie media edit productions, DVD slideshows and photography that make perfect gifts for any special occasion.  Capture the treasured memories of the children, enjoy a compilation of the groom to show at his wedding or simply let us create a biography of a loved one.

memories into movies
All our edits are professionally created, can include photographs and footage and can be put onto DVD or supplied in any other popular format. Your memories are priceless, so let us help preserve them for you to be enjoyed now and by future generations.
We have over 20 years experience in the professional video and photographic industry and we use this wealth of knowledge to create your production to the same exacting standards.